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Motorcycle Assembly Training for the Customers from The Democratic Republic of Congo

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tricycle assembly 1.

Three young people from DRC came to China for a two-week motorcycle assembly training to learn how to assemble tricycles and motorcycles.

We have arranged a very experienced technician to guide them all the way. First of all, our technician will show them each assembly step, and our technician will assist and guide them in the whole process of their practical operation. 

They study very fast and conscientiously. They learned to assemble tricycles in two days, and they were able to complete the whole process independently. It's not so easy to assemble tricycles, since it's a technical work.

tricycle assembly 2.

After learning how to assemble tricycles, our technician began to teach them how to assemble two wheeled motorcycles. There are two things that impressed me most during their assembly.


When assembling the tricycle, they will first sort out the fasteners of the whole vehicle, classify them and arrange them one by one, which can save time and improve efficiency, because they do not need to find the corresponding fasteners while assembling.

tricycle assembly 3.

The other thing that makes me impressive is that when learning to assemble motorcycles, they will carefully check every detail. After carefully checking the assembled motorcycles, they found that the rear water baffle was a little crooked, so they took down the cushion again and readjusted the position of the water baffle until it was adjusted.

Dirt bike assembly 2.

From these small details, we can see that they are very serious. In addition, they call our technician as teacher and point their fingers at our technician when taking photos with their independently assembled motorcycles. I think it's a respect for our technician. They are all very polite and friendly people. I like them from my heart. I hope what they learn here can help them in their work and I wish them a bright future.

At the end of the training, we awarded certificates of honor to three hardworking and conscientious young people from DRC as recognition of their excellent learning results.

Our company is willing to provide such training and service for our customers. The harvest and growth of customers are the driving force of our development. If you want this one-to-one service, please contact us.


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