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Syria Customer's Visit

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There are many customers who come to visit our company, but our Syrian customers are one of those who impressed me deeply. They were so enthusiastic, and their faces were full of smiles, as if he had seen an old friend he hadn't seen for years.

Syria Customers Visit 1

We visited the showroom together, and they chose some of their favorite models to test ride. We spent the whole morning with them on the bike ride. Customers have chosen some models that are in line with their local market, and have proposed some changes in our basic models to meet their local market demand.

Syria Customers Visit 3

Another thing that has made a profound impact on me is their requirement and seriousness for details. For example, use calipers to measure the width of motorcycle hub.

Syria Customers Visit 2

Before visiting the factory, we took pictures in front of the office building. Under the blue sky, the sun shines on a group of lovely people. I clicked the shutter and recorded the day.

Syria Customers Visit 4

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